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Large scale Tidal Stream Energy is closer than you think !

Patent Pending GB2210005.1

About Us

Tidal Technologies Limited (TTL) was founded early in 2021 as a collaboration between Jamie Scrimgeour, the inventor of TT2, and DWR Offshore, a specialist offshore engineering consultancy.

Prior to founding TTL, Jamie spent 12 years in investment banking and has since enjoyed an entrepreneurial career including retail, product design, manufacturing in the Far East, financial services and property development in the UK.

His appreciation of tidal power came from growing up and sailing in the Channel Islands where the tides are some of the strongest in the world. Then, in 2020, whilst watching footage of foiling catamarans in the 2013 America's Cup, with their stiff wing sails rather than traditional sails, he wondered if vertical wing sails could be submerged and adapted to capture offshore tidal energy, especially as the density of water is around 800 x that of air.​

Jamie developed this idea with 3D computer modelling and approached DWR Offshore who were already working on vertical axis turbines. DWR were instantly excited by the concept and agreed to collaborate. Over the following year, TT2 evolved considerably and in April 2022 a highly successful test of a 1/20th scale model was completed in the Royal Navy's ship testing tank, run by Qinetiq, in Gosport, Hampshire.

The results of this test left no doubt that TT2 has enormous real world potential offering a step change in the race to develop cost effective offshore tidal energy on a very large scale.

TTL has submitted UK and international patent applications for TT2 and is now patent pending having received positive search results from the UK IPO and European Patent Office confirming that the critical elements of the design are innovative and inventive.

David Scott joined TTL as a Founder Director in November 2022. David is an experienced board member and independent advisor to corporates. He was  a Senior Financial Advisory Partner at Deloitte for 18 years and leader of Deloitte’s Infrastructure Funds team with considerable experience of the infrastructure sector including renewable energy.

Jim Conybeare-Cross joined TTL as a Founder Director in March 2023. Jim is an experienced board level CFO with a strong track record of building high performing finance teams, driving strategy, leading transformation through M&A and organic growth, and working with start up and early revenue ventures. He is well versed in corporate governance and has worked across Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas .

In February 2024 we completed our Series A Fundraising allowing us to proceed with the detailed design, build and deployment of our first full scale TT2 unit.


We have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the owners of Morlais, the consented tidal energy demonstration zone off Anglesey, North Wales. This is our preferred first deployment site and we have agreed to take a 30MW berth with an agreed grid connection, with the aim of deploying our first unit in the sea in H1 2026.


Our investors include a group of highly experienced high net worth individuals and senior management from the energy / renewables industries. Their commitment to TTL is considerable, giving us the financial resources and wide ranging depth of knowledge needed to achieve our ambition of bringing large scale tidal stream energy to the UK and beyond.

If you think you could play an important role in TTL, as an investor, employee, partner or supplier, please email:

To see the video: ​

Foil Change.jpg
Attaching the foils to our 1/20th scale model at the Royal Navy's testing facilities
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